Tips & Tricks (2)

Get tips and tricks to manoeuvre occurences that seem not to follow standard procedures

Affiliate Programme (1)

Affiliate, Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Programme, Making Money from LekkiHost

Dedicated Server (2)

Dedicated Server refers to the rental and exclusive use of an entire server and its resources

Domain Service (5)

Learn about all of our Domain and DNS Services, Domain Registration, Statuses & Associated Services

Hosting (General) (12)

General Hosting Services, hosting policies, get answers to common hosting questions and with the solutions to the common hosting issues

Payments (1)

All you need to know about how to make payments for our products and services and all what is involved in paying online

SMS Developer APIs (4)

Bulk, Group SMS; SMS2App; and SMS-in-your-App Codes that can be of great help in integration to your programs/applications

SSL (2)

SSL Certificate Purchases, SSL Integration & other SSL related issues

VPS (Virtual Private Server) (1)

VPS, VPS Hosting. With a VPS, you open a world of possibilities that would not be possible on shared hosting because of restrictions.

Web Programming (4)

Sample Scripts for Web Development and Some Explanation attached

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