Messaging Platform Features

  • Long Messages (Concatenated Short Messages and/or via Message Payload).
  • Delivery Reports.
  • Log monitoring with user-friendly Web Interface.
  • SMPP v3.4.
  • Multiple SMSC's
  • Web Client. Send single and bulk SMS.
  • Desktop Client. Send single and bulk SMS.
  • HTTP, SMPP and DLL API for developers.
  • "Customer Login" portal access, to manage the SMS solutions and other resources like Bulk/Group SMS transactions, Job Management, Address Book, Stats & Reports, etc.

SMS Solutions


  • Send single/bulk SMS through HTTP interface for the platform.
  • Send single/bulk SMS through DLL (Dynamic Link Library), which can easily be integrated with any Windows®-based technology like Visual Basic 6, ASP or .NET.
  • Send single/bulk SMS through the Java API, which can be integrated with any Java-based application.

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