What is Affiliate Programme?

Simply get paid for referring sales or customers to LekkiHost !!!

Do you have a BLOG or a NEWS PORTAL? You can earn extra income by placing a link from us on any page of your BLOG. Wheneever visitors click on the link, it will be recorded that they are coming from you; and if by any means they pay for any product or service, you will earn certain amount of money.

Your links are placed on your website (Blog, Forum, News Portal, etc). When a visitor to your website sees the link, he clicks on it. This action then re-directs the visitor to our website with reference that it is from you. If the customer pays for any order, you will be credited 5% of the purchase to your LekkiHost account. You can decide to withdraw this amount to your bank account or use it to make any purchase from us.

Sample Affiliate Link on a Website

Sample Affiliate Link on a Website
Sample Affiliate Link
as created by
YOU (the affiliate marketer)

Sample Affiliate Link

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