In addition to the Legal Agreements, the following define the limits for the affiliate marketing

  1. To effectively manage the Affiliate Marketing, Customer shall own a LekkiHost account. [Click here to create one if you have none.]
  2. For the purpose of payment, Customer shall provide EITHER a Nigerian Naira Bank Account or a Foreign United States Dollar Account.
  3. Due to the volatile nature of Foreign Exchange, Customer with LekkiHost Account domicile in Naira will receive all earnings in NAIRA and Customer with LekkiHost Account domicile in Dollar will receive all earnings in DOLLARS (For example, a Nigerian User/Resident is expected to own a LekkiHost account domicile in Naira. We will not make payment to a domicillary dollar account in Nigeria; same applicable to a User who lives abroad, requires a USD account).
  4. We reserve the right to exchange currencies at our own rate and at our own discretion.
  5. We accept payment gateways like PayPal for USD payment purposes.

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